Starting BootsnAll's 30 Days of Indie Travel Art Project

A month late... better now than never!

I've decided to start the project to help spur my creative juices and find my blog "voice".

Day 1 - #Indie30

How has your view of the world changed because of travel?

1. Travelling makes you realize your "smallness", you can only begin to fathom how many people exist on the planet. Think about your life and problems vs. 7.1 billion others...

2. Fear not, there isn't so much of a language barrier as it seems. Traveling reveals how English is the international lingua of travel and business.

Non-native English speakers know they need to learn it survive, study it someway or another and many are eager to practice for fun. Kudos to internationals who speak English perfectly with no accent. 


3. Traveling also reveals the extent of Westernization and globalization. Something that is bittersweet for me.

4. Traveling has also made me see the world's inequality first-hand. Even while embracing diversity, you have to be blind to not see how one's standard of living and expectations differ.


5. The final thing that I would like to highlight is the environment. Like many others, traveling has made me appreciate nature more. The Earth and its beauty are truly fragile. It is sad to see the lack of concern and awareness for Mother Nature in some parts of the world.

Luckily, there are some amazing eco-friendly destinations keeping its nature pristine for locals and tourists alike.