BootsnAll's 30 Days of Indie Travel Art Project

Day 3 - #Indie30

What is your travel style?


In terms of pace, I tend to kick it up a notch on the road and/or abroad. Exploring foreign soil energizes me as soon as I get on the plane. When visiting a new destination, there is always a lot to see and do; thus I pack in a lot of activities between the time I wake up (early) and go to sleep (admittedly sometimes before midnight). Especially after being in the heat all day...whether it be sightseeing, hiking in the jungle or mountains or chilling at the beach. 



While I do love the indie/backpacking travel scene and roughing it in hostels and other budget accommodations (ahem eco-lodges); it feels amazing to get pampered staying at a luxury hotel. Your life will never be the same.

Last fall, I went to Costa Rica and roadtripped from La Fortuna to Corcovado National Park, I had to deal with sandpaper bed sheets, cold showers and just overall piss poor rooms. Mind you, a lot of them were less than $40 or so a night and without a reservation. On the last leg of my trip, my boyfriend and I splurged and stayed at Marriott Los Sueños Ocean & Golf Resort with its own private beach and marina. It was so heavenly.

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I have been fortunate to stay at a few W Hotel properties and it goes without saying they are dope.





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I would like to add that Airbnb is also awesome. You are able to find different kinds of rustic and unique accommodations in both remote, tropical vacation destinations as well as cosmopolitan cities. The hosts are very accommodating (GlobalNomad is a fellow Airbnb host here) and it is usually cheaper than staying at a hotel.

My advice is to mix it up! Get the Airbnb experience and also stay at a hotel chain that you love. This way you can get a fuller experience!


How do I pick a place to vacation at? Easy, anything different from New York City.  I prefer not to go somewhere crowded and touristy. However, we all know that is sometimes unavoidable. 

I want to go anywhere beautiful in the world where I can get a tan and relax on a pristine beach. All the better if it is in a region of the world that I have not been to. 


Getting a massage and/or going to a spa is a must on vacation for me. There is nothing better than coming out from one-hour massage feeling like jello and zen-like. I never spa treatments at home so I don't feel guilty having someone rub my feet, putting cucumbers on my face or pressing an herbal compress on my back. 


I am a minimalist. All of my belongings could fit in a few large suitcases so overpacking is not an issue. Even with just the essentials, is it just me or is traveling out of a backpack (for weeks or months at a time) sort of uncomfortable? In SE Asia, I used this bag shown on the right.

 Click  here  to check out the Geo Aluminum line.

Click here to check out the Geo Aluminum line.




If I had a thousand dollars laying around, I would invest in Zero Halliburton luggage. Perfect for the chic luxury traveler. Who doesn't want aluminum luggage?


All in all, I think the most important thing to incorporate into your travel style is the ability to be spontaneous and open to trying new experiences. Yes, you can have an itinerary and/or an unwavering list of all the places and activities you need to see and do. But are you going to be the person who... accepts an invite to have dinner at a local person's home you just met; goes out and parties with a group of internationals you just met at your hotel or from a tour; decides to roam the historic streets of a city in which you don't speak the local language alone for a day and see where that takes you or pursue other random experiences that wind up being the best travel stories.

I am that person and and I urge you to be too!