2015 Inaugural Post:

In a few hours…GlobalNomad will be heading to South America. Woohoo! It's the perfect time to make this announcement. 

The purpose of this post is to officially introduce GlobalNomad to the masses in 2015. We are officially open for trip requests. We have been posting for a while, but will be kicking it up a notch as the founder Brit (that's me!), is in serious mode to become a digital nomad this year. The clock is ticking already!

First and foremost thanks for coming to our site! We'd love for you to take a moment to check out the following pages: 

  • ABOUT - Learn about the inspiration
  • FOUNDER - The brain behind the brand
  • PORTFOLIO - The VERY best of the best, from my personal travels
  • TRIP TYPES - Travel wrapped up in a bow
    • DREAM BUCKET LIST ADVENTURES - To splurge and finally take that trip you've been dreaming of for years #YouOnlyLiveOnce
    • ZEN GETAWAYS - To change your life and feel alive again #MindBodyandSoul
    • RTW JOURNEYS - To stay on the road longer #LongtermTravelDoneRight
  • BLOG (what you are reading!) - fueling wanderlust for the next generation of travelers. This is were I post rad travel visuals, photography and targeted content related to the GlobalNomad brand as well as my own personal travels.
  • CONTACT - Say Aloha!

Also be sure to follow us @TheGlobalNomad on Instagram and @ZenGlobalNomad on Twitter!

The meaning behind the name: GlobalNomad. Where does it come from? 

There are 2 answers.

1. No joke this Wikipedia page explains it perfectly.

2. The second answer is a bit more personal. It goes back to my days as an American expat in France. After spending half a decade in this beautiful, difficult country, graduating college and getting a job there - I really could have envisioned myself living there forever.

To be honest, living abroad fills the travelers soul boundlessly. 

But I knew I wanted more, who I was - in essence the French Nomad became the GlobalNomad when I decided to seek beyond the familiar without really know why.

Having experienced many more different countries after embodying this - I truly want to be everywhere in the world... all the time like so many I've come across. My heart is still in all of the countries I've visited.

If you can relate to this, you, too, might be a GlobalNomad...

the definition of a globalnomad:

A GlobalNomad is ever reaching, searching and expanding one's boundaries. Just close your eyes and think…After exploring Malawi, you backpack in Patagonia, then roam Sri Lanka... Mongolia... New Caledonia…  The Baltic Sea… Greenland. As well as mix in international capitals such as Hong Kong, Dubai, NYC, Buenos Aires, Paris and beyond. Visiting every continent is a goal and is realistic in your mind. You want to go all or nothing, drown yourself with culture, immerse yourself in another language and indulge all your senses in the workings of discovering a foreign land. Take or leave all that the touristy stuff.

A GlobalNomad is resourceful and knows how to diversify when it comes to budget and experience. In one city or vacation, you may decide to splurge and stay at at a five star luxury hotel like a celebrity. Next time in an airbnb/vacation rental. Followed by a $10 a night hostel to glamping, sleeping on the beach, with a local family in a homestay, couch surfing (because it's free), in a shack or hut volunteering, in an airport…on a train…overnight bus to everything else in between. If you haven't done any of the above (yet) but would jump at the occasion to do so because experiencing something new and different excites you - then you too are a GlobalNomad.

A GlobalNomad is tech and social media savvy. You want to share the world as it has shared so many things with you on your ever growing number of social media accounts. Perhaps consumed by your smartphone, selfless, , Snapchat, Instagram & Twitter. The internet is your inspiration and manual for life including travel. You are open to trying new technologies, websites, apps. and "connecting". 

A GlobalNomad is a young professional, student or even a vagabond. A dreamer, altruistic and eco and socially conscious at heart. Passionate about being free, independent and creative for the greater good. What we all have in common is love for our ever increasing small world and the desire to see more of it - anyway, anyhow possible. Somehow we've become a global sharing community.

You crave different, unique and exotic. Life-changing personal experiences. And you want travel wrapped up in a bow. The good news is that GlobalNomad has a specially made trip with your name on it!

why you should work with GlobalNomad for your next vacation and/or RTW experience:

 *Please note we cannot secure work visas on your behalf.