NEW! Weekly Worldwide Wanderlust: Angkor Wat Cambodia & New Hashtag Campaign, #TravelSwagger


Creative juices are flowing! I am launching a revamped version of "Weekly Wanderlust" along with a brand new hashtag campaign, #travelswagger, exclusively for the GlobalNomad brand.

#TravelSwagger because you either have it or you dont. Simply, a boss a traveling...going to places few have seen and experiencing otherworldly moments of life. If you love capturing the best of your travels, we want to feature you! Stay tuned each week!

Today, I am sharing an awesome shot from Cambodia. I personally witnessed this photo taken by my boyfriend @shwizz at Angkor Wat. Picture perfect timing. This photo needs to be blown up and displayed its so dope!

Boys Will Be Boys...Jumping Off Angkor Wate Gateway

#swim #jump #moat #AngkorWat #middaysun

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