18 Reasons Why Travel Agents Should Work For Free 

If you haven't already realized, we are being sarcastic here! Read the article and you will have a better understanding of what travel agents actually do and why they deserve to be compensated accordingly for their services. Except for special trip-planning sweepstakes or giveaways that we will run every now and then, GlobalNomad requires all new clients to pay an up-front trip-planning fee as our time and expertise are extremely valuable. 


1. It's not like they perform countless of hours of online research on your behalf – personally saving you tons of time. 


2. It’s not like they take the hassle out of trip-planning. All you have to do is tell your travel agent what you are looking for and what your budget is and they will do the rest for you. 

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3. It's not like they can answer most of your questions right off the top of their heads thanks to years of experience. With so much information on the internet, it's easy to get overwhelmed and confused. 

4. It’s not like they don't work tirelessly to make all of your requests happen and answer every single one of your questions.


5. It's not like offer personalized service and one-on-one assistance throughout the trip planning process unlike online booking sites.

OTA = Online Travel Agent

OTA = Online Travel Agent

Even though they are competing with the likes of Kayak and Expedia, travel agents are real-life humans, not robots or computers!


6. It’s not like they have expertise or something.


7. It’s not like they get to know you on a personal level so they can design and book a trip better than you could on your own. They provide handpicked options that match your travel style, interests, needs, and budget. 


8. It’s not like they can make your trip extra special by throwing in cool perks like free breakfast, spa and resort credits, and early / late check-in and room upgrades.  

9. It’s not like they help save you money whenever possible thanks to their creative travel planning solutions and access to hot rates, discounts and promotions not available online.

10. It's not like they make all of the reservations for your entire trip and monitor them in case of any changes.

11. It's not like we help you protect your investment in seeing the world by helping you find the best travel insurance protection plan that could prove to be a lifesaver!

Are you stumped on how to decipher travel insurance and the multitude of companies that provide it? Check out this comprehensive guide by Reviews.com! Their breakdown is super helpful and covers just about everything you might be wondering about.

GlobalNomad always helps you pick the best policy for your needs. Our advice is to ALWAYS add travel protection if you can't cover the costs to return home if something unfortunate happens. That means it's needed for trips abroad, but not necessarily for domestic getaways. You never no... it's better to be safe than sorry.

12. It’s not like they have to figure out complicated transportation logistics and help plan your trip so your time spent getting to where you want to go is the shortest it can be at the best price possible. Travel agents conveniently break down how to get from point A to point B for hassle free experiences at airports, train stations, etc. 

13. It’s not like they manage your expectations so you know what you are getting yourself into… which is extremely helpful when embarking on your first international trip. And they definitely don’t help you avoid disappointments by telling you what to book in advance and when it is OK to play things by ear.

14. It’s not like they make sure you have the proper documentation you need (ahem, passports and visas). And they definitely don’t help you understand pricing, booking and cancellation policies, airfare rules, travel insurance and health requirements.  

15. It’s not like they spend hours on the phone, send multiple emails, and work with their partners in different time zones to get your questions answered and requests communicated. If you run into any issues they can usually fix the situation so you don't have to waste valuable vacation time problem solving. 

16. It’s not like they inspire and motivate you to make sure everything is in order prior to departure. Travel agents can be the answer to a procrastinator or perfectionist’s problems!

17. It’s not like they make your travel dreams come true and help change your life. 

18. Lastly despite what you think it’s not like travel agents are getting rich from commissions! Travel agents like GlobalNomad find and offer the best products that suit your needs regardless of any kickbacks (if any). In most cases, travel agents make little to nothing on airfare bookings, transfers and many tours operated by small companies.  

In conclusion: lawyers, accountants, therapists, architects, real estate agents (the list goes on and on)... don’t work for free, so why should a travel agent?! 

Travel agents can get you to the most wanderlust-worthy places… so contact them today!

But just remember…

And don’t be this type of person…

Thanks for reading!