Is it just me or is the Millennial generation doing some awesome, inspiring things in the world? It is hard to keep track on social media. Perhaps the not so friendly job market has awakened our creativity, resourcefulness and altruism. Is the #AmericanDream dead or do people even want it anymore? Food for thought...

Anyways, I am starting a feed on this topic with commentary. It should interest anyone that is young, technology friendly and loves travel. 

The first two articles I would like to share are:

  • "6 Needs of the Millennial Traveler" via @matadornetwork
    • Agree with all six things listed. Especially "Independence and permission to explore"  
Millennials are plotting their own course in every aspect of life — their travel experiences are no different. The next generation of traveler is not looking for a guided or group-tour experience. We want to see the world our way, free of tour managers, of admission tickets, of guidebook recommendations. We don’t want to be tethered to a large group, be constricted by a detailed itinerary, or sit on a tour bus for half a day. We are renting cars for easy stop-and-go, collecting our meals from local markets, and soliciting suggestions from social media, as we need them.


  • The second article is "Why 9-5 Won't Work For Millennials" via @thecultureist
    • Pretty much my life story. That is why I am on the path towards being an entrepreneur and location independent. Why wait until retirement to enjoy life? This excerpt says it all!
We want to enjoy our lives to the fullest right now, concurrent to our most social years. Freedom 55 has no appeal to our generation.