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That's right! As a travel seller, we are proud to offer experiences from one of the hottest tour operators for millennial travelers.

What's not to love about this awesome company? A true pioneer for sustainable and "authentic" (this term needs to die!) travel. The love that founder, Bruce Poon Tip, has for travel is real. He gets it. For that reason his company has changed countless lives through the power of travel.

In terms of destinations, you can pretty much go anywhere in the world with G Adventures... including the Arctic & Antarctica! Arguably two places that adventurers should visit within the next 10 years or so to see raw, untouched mother nature. #UltimateBucketListGoals

G Adventures not only runs tours on every single continent, they have a tour type for everyone. That includes experiences for adventure junkies, college students, private groups, families, backpackers seeking local experiences to travelers who enjoy luxury, and much more! 

Regardless of your travel style, you'll share your journeys with a small group of like minded travelers. According to G Adventures website the average group size is around 10 people. A knowledgable and attentive Group Leader (a.k.a. tour guide) also accompanies you which really adds value to your tour. 

The one major advantage of booking a group tour (or any tour for that matter) is CONVENIENCE. You can go to bed stress-free knowing logistics such as accommodations, transportation, meals, excursions are planned for you. It's a total win win.

A few other strengths include the ability to combine back to back tours and being able to travel "long-term". There are a few tours with a trip duration of over 60 days. That's two whole months of traveling! 

In terms of cost, G Adventures tours are reasonable. They always offer amazing promotions that we can book on your behalf. In choosing G Adventures, you get QUALITY and one hell of an adventure! 

One final thing worth noting is the option to book an "Independent Travel" tour. For those that are not keen on being with a group all the time (we get it!), there are opportunities to travel solo / privately so you can do your own thing. Fear not you are totally not alone, local staff are available on standby 24/7 should you need assistance. These types of tours tend to be cheaper and are recommended for places that are more chill such as the beach or if you are already familiar with the destination. 

Update: G Adventures just announced that they have partnered up with National Geographic to offer National Geographic Journeys launching December 2015. Here is the description from their website:

We are excited to introduce National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures, a collection of 70 exceptional travel experiences, designed to take you deeper into the cultures and habitats of the places we explore. We’ve created these itineraries together to offer more meaningful encounters; interactions with knowledgeable, local guides; and the freedom to roam, all within the structure and security of travelling in a small group.
So join a South African safari with a researcher working on a National Geographic-sponsored initiative that works to protect cheetahs and other big cats. Take part in a lively cooking class in the home of a chef in Indonesia. Or play an active role in tropical reforestation by planting trees alongside a National Geographic researcher in Costa Rica.

GlobalNomad is excited for this and totally wants to experience a trip firsthand especially in Africa. I wonder what the price point is going to be. Lots of questions... but wow it sounds like it will be a total game changer. Hopefully in the new year we will be able to sell National Geographic Journeys as part of our Dream Bucket List Adventures Collection. 

You: "G Adventures sounds awesome! Can you narrow down options and book the best tour for me?"

GlobalNomad: "Of course!"

Whether you want to go to South America, Europe, Asia, North America or beyond, GlobalNomad can ANY book G Adventures tour (with availability)!

We save you money! When you work with us, you will be the first to know about sweet "last minute specials" and promotions. Who doesn't want to save up to 15% (if not more) off the cost of your trip? Booking with us has its perks. Not only will you pay the SAME price (if not CHEAPER thanks to our exclusive deals) found on the G Adventures website, you benefit from our one-on-one travel planning assistance and expertise. As your travel agent, you are our #1 VIP. We work on your behalf to make sure your passport/visa documentation, travel insurance, international flights and all that jazz are in order. We don't just book your trip and send you the confirmation; we make sure you are fully prepared to have as much of a seamless trip as possible. 

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