Generation Rent: Why Many Millennials are Choosing a Nomadic Lifestyle via @TheCultureist

Many of us are building lifestyles around location independence. We’re becoming nomadic.
— Britany Robinson
 Image via  WeHeartIt

Image via WeHeartIt

Millennials have been dealt some frustrating hands when it comes to finances. The American Dream is becoming a thing of the past as shoebox apartments take precedence over white picket fences. Our goals have shifted from job stability to life fulfillment, and our definitions of “success” have changed as well. Technology has given us the option to get creative with our lifestyles — to work from home, wherever that may be.

So while so many of us might not be “settling down” like our parents had hoped, we’re building lifestyles that allow us to see more of the world, and collecting a greater variety of experiences by keeping our options open.
— Britany Robinson