GoPro HERO4 Black: Roaming the Streets of Uruguay, Montevideo

My thoughts on Montevideo:

Oh Montevideo, I hardly knew thee! This city was the third stop on an Azamara cruise I took in South America. We were only docked for a day (maybe 8 or so hours) and as usual on cruises, we were crunched for time. Since it was a Saturday, the streets of Ciudad Vieja  (Old City) were deserted. Which was a refreshing change from the five or so days we spent in busy Buenos Aires.

Old City has the amazing historical Spanish architecture tourists go gaga over (including myself). Montevideo is no stranger to street art. It has a huge creative graffiti presence. Beautifully manicured and litter free for the most part. You can see why people who live in the capital of Uruguay have a great standard of living...especially compared to cities in neighboring countries, Brazil & Argentina. You feel the pinch in your pockets here...meaning things are quite expensive. 

The bus system is on point here. I did not get a chance to take it but witnessed bus lines running quite frequently. I've come to the conclusion that basically I would jump at the occasion to live in Montevideo. It's not a huge city which I love and Uruguayan hospitality is alive there. People are quite friendly and I think if you really had to, you could find a decent amount of people who speak English. Uruguay has a good education system. Even after just visiting Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio, and Montevideo, I believe it is really an ideal place to live. 

Even though Montevideo is a city on the Atlantic, it is by no means a beach destination (it is more of a commercial port!). I did see one woman sunbathing on rocks like a boss. Expect murky brown water here (as seen below in my photos). My best advice is don't go to Uruguay for the beaches. Go because it's the GOOD LIFE. I'm telling you! Many expats retire here... after traveling to Uruguay I can really see why. 

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