Infographic: An Overview Of Oceania Cruises' 180 Days Around The World Sailing

180 days = 6 months of travel!

Wow! One can only dream of going on this once-of-a-lifetime cruise. After having been on an all-inclusive luxury cruise, you get the sense that some travelers spend a LIFETIME saving money for their getaway. Hence, this type of trip is popular amongst retired travelers who have both the time and money to circumnavigate the world in comfort. You will also see younger, adventurous couples with no kids on board. 

A RTW experience via cruising proves that it is possible to see the world without flying. Not only do you visit dozens of famous world cities, you also get to sail through and spend time in some of the most remote parts on Earth.

Be prepared for days and days at sea. You will see the same people over and over (aside from time in the ports of call) every day on the boat. It goes it without saying that some people make life-long friends. Long-term cruising is a lifestyle. 

If you are not ready to commit to a cruise at the price tag above and for that long, we suggest going on a 1-2 week sailing to see what it is like!