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Our new marketplace is officially open!

We have implemented an e-commerce store on our website to facilitate travel planning for clients with transparent prices. 

After filling out a simple travel questionnaire and exchanging a few emails, you will be confirmed with arrangements for your adventure of a lifetime.   

As a digital travel designer catering to millennials, we are all about SEAMLESS travel. Why not order customized travel online? Our concept is the pimped out version and all around better alternative to booking generic travel online. It's the only way to go to! 

Head on over to start planning your next bucket list vacation, purchase our once of a kind product - Made to Order: "Choose Your Own Travel Adventure" FLEXitinerary, or browse through our "A La Carte Services". 

We get you want customization travel experiences. So let's do this!

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Our in-house innovations exclusively developed and designed for you.

Made to Order: Trip Itinerary
from 150.00

Curated to match your travel style, interests, needs and budget. 

Have GlobalNomad solve the problem of figuring out what to experience in the destination(s) of your choice, and conveniently lay it out in a gorgeously designed itinerary broken down by day and location.

Your itinerary includes:

  • Any confirmed reservations (typically flights and / or hotels) and their confirmation numbers
  • Handpicked day-to-day recommendations (listed in geographical order)
  • Contact information
  • Booking instructions
  • Prices in local currency and approximate conversions in USD
  • Secret tips to help make your trip a success 

Having a personalized itinerary eliminates the need to check heaps of emails and websites looking for information, so you can focus on relaxation and adventure!

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Step One

Don't let procrastination prevent you from booking your bucket list adventure any longer. Get the ball rolling and order a game plan to make your dream trip a reality.


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