Why You Should Consider A Digital Detox On Your Next Vacation


If you are a slave to technology – considering a beneficial "digital detox" on your next vacation is a must. 

What is a digital detox? Think of it as a period of time without a smartphone, laptop, video games, social media...  totally unplugging from technology and essentially "going off the grid".

Whenever I travel, I always try to avoid using my phone (except for client emergencies) as a way to hit the pause button in life and for self-reflection. 

The duration of your digital detox is up to you! The longer, the better. If you are too overwhelmed with the thought of having to go days without internet, start with at least 24 hours and go from there. 


Not using your phone is easy (or easier) when you don't have WiFi and any service. Heading to the mountains or any nature-friendly destination is ideal. Also, faraway locales (the more remote the better) where "airplane mode" is a must. Of course, This doesn't mean that you can't do a digital detox at home or on a weekend getaway in another city. 


Use a camera to take photos. If you invest in a nice one, the photos will almost always be better and you can take as many as you want without using too much space on your phone. By doing this, it's possible to leave the phone at the hotel room or vacation rental while you are out and about during the day. 

Instead of staring at your screen, you'll have time to enjoy living in the moment. This is key! If you stay busy horseback riding, jet-skiing, practicing yoga on the beach, taking a cooking class and so on – you won't miss your phone as much and you'll make twice as many memories. 


Plan in advance and make arrangements to be "offline". Let everyone know you will not be checking emails / responding to messages by using an "Out of Office" message. Tell your family and friends when you'll check in so they won't be worried about you. As for anything else, simply avoid logging onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat or whatever site/app you use on a daily basis. They will be there after your trip ends. 

Realize you don't need to post photos on your trip in real-time all day, everyday. No one is dying to see what you post. Life doesn't stop for others while you are on vacation. It's OK to give it a rest. You can post whatever photo you want after the digital detox ends. This is also a good opportunity to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. 


If you need to because you're expecting an important work email or phone call from a family member... limit yourself to checking your phone for a certain amount of time only once or twice a day max. It's best if you set an exact time for this. You can schedule "online time" at 8pm or both 8am and 8pm for 30-minutes – or whatever works best to you. 

If you need to keep your phone with you at all times (i.e. usually when traveling solo), use it only for emergency calls or when you get lost. Don't forget to switch of all your notifications especially if you tend to get nonstop alerts.


Don't think they are disciplined enough to do you own DIY digital detox? There is another solution! Digital detox retreats and tours exist to help travelers take a break from online life. Many places offer activities like meditation, yoga, self improvement classes, and spa treatments for ultimate adventure and relaxation. Intrepid Travel offers cool Digital Detox and Off The Grid trips. 

Once you've embraced the digital detox lifestyle, you'll feel less stressed and more mindful. You might even feel like a better version of yourself. It's a total win-win! 

If you need help picking the best digital detox getaway, contact us for one-on-one personal travel planning assistance!