Why You Should Plan Your Next Trip With GlobalNomad

1. When you want to work with a HUMAN travel agent that will provide one-on-one assistance. If you are unsure about things like travel insurance, visas or which tour operator to book with, GlobalNomad's services and expertise go a long way.


2. When you want to splurge on an once-in-a-lifetime bucket list trip overseas. GlobalNomad will wow you with a life-changing vacation or honeymoon beyond your wildest dreams. 


3. When you want your travels to be better than everyone else's. Why? We get to know you a personal level and incorporate extra special touches to your trips. We are in the know about the latest trends in travel, as well as the hottest hotels and destinations to see and be seen. Make your friends drool over your travel photos on Instagram thanks to our trip-planning services that will take you to places you've never thought were possible. 

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4. When going on a complex, multi-destination trip - especially long-term traveling around the world (see our RTW Journeys); as well as when going to destinations that involve complicated transportation logistics such as exploring multiple islands in the Philippines, the Maldives, or the Mediterranean. 


5. When going on your first international trip. It's kind of a big deal and the ultimate rite of passage. We also handle business and domestic travel in case you are wondering!


6. When traveling with a large group of people for coordination purposes.


7. When you've already done mainstream "been there, done that, bought the t-shirt" travel. And now you are craving a more elevated, authentic experience personalized to fit you like a glove. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter itineraries that millions of other people book online. Say hello to GlobalNomad's made to order travel!

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8. When you are too lazy or simply don't have time to spend hours researching / do DIY trip-planning, and you just want an expert to handle the hassle of booking everything.  We will coordinate the multiple components of your trip to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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9. When you want to have a thriving long-term travel life akin to a successful professional and love life. We'll plan one amazing getaway after another for you based on your availability. All you have to do is pack and go to the airport. 


10. When you want the most value for your dollar. Not only can we save you money by finding applicable promotions and discounts to take advantage of, our clients receive value-added perks such as free daily breakfast, room upgrade based on availability and much more.


11. When you are a major procrastinator or you are a super perfectionist trying to book and plan the perfect trip. You've researched and wanderlusted for days, weeks or perhaps even years yet you are still at square 1 without a departure date or any reservations. Armchair travelers never get stamps in their passports!


12. When you want to maximize your vacation time actually creating your travel destiny. Forget worrying about having to look at countless websites for information and wasting time on figuring on what you want to do and see last-minute. Thanks to GlobalNomad, you will have a game plan whether it's fixed or flexible. All you have to do is choose your adventures at your own pace. In case things go wrong, GlobalNomad is always on call. As your personal travel planner, if you run into any issues we can make calls and usually fix the situation so you don't have to waste valuable vacation time problem solving.

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