2-Person Vacation

2-Person Vacation

from 30.00

This is a non-refundable upfront fee for time spent researching and arranging your trip.

number of nights:
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What's included

One-On-One Assistance

With an expert Travel Planner who provides on-going consultation through phone, text, and email.

Cheap Flight Finder

Receive complimentary Instabook privileges

Travel Protection:

Handpicked travel protection recommendations

Hotel Matchmaking

Handpicked hotel recommendations

Experiences Inspiration

Handpicked touring and sightseeing recommendations

Help With Getting Around

Handpicked air, ground, and sea transportation recommendations

Booking Manager

Requested reservations made on your behalf

Optional Services

Day-To-Day Itinerary

A beautifully designed and curated day-to-day itinerary with all confirmed arrangements and options listed in geographic order/proximity to your hotel (PDF document emailed to you) before your departure date.

Emergency Support

Emergency support during your travels

Private Travel Photoshoot

Available on request

What we help you with

Choosing your destination(s)

Choosing the duration of your trip and how many days should be spent in each location

Choosing the best means of transportation and the most convenient routes to take

Making sure all travel logistics are coordinated so the moving pieces of your trip fit like a puzzle

Choosing the best flights to book

Choosing the best place(s) to stay

Recommending cool experiences to do independently or with a guide

Providing easy-to-understand price breakdowns and estimated total trip costs

Securing value-added amenities or discounts

Booking and management of travel reservations

Travel insurance, passports, visa and health requirements

Providing detailed instructions with visual maps on how to get from point A to point B for hassle free experiences at airports and train stations

Important things to know prior to departure

Special trip-related requests

Designing your very own stylish trip guide