How It Works

DIY trip planning can be stressful and time-consuming! We will plan a far better trip than you could do your own. No research or booking on your end required. 

1. Schedule an optional 15-minute Skype or Whatsapp Text Chat - it’s free!

Before ordering, we can go over your high-priority questions, concerns, and upcoming travel goals.

2. Order your trip in our online trip planning store

Select one of the trip types below.

After selecting the type type you would like to specialize, complete the online questionnaire about yourself (and all parties traveling) so we can get to know you better. On the secure checkout page, make sure to use your private coupon code (if you have one). Once we receive your order, we'll start working with you one-on-one.

3. Choose where you want to go

I will use your answers from the questionnaire to help you decide where to go or give the go-ahead to the destination(s) you have in mind. It is also possible to opt for a “mystery style” where I choose for you.

4. Review the trip proposal

I will perform initial research and create a trip proposal for your review. It will be a timeline that details how to get to point A to point B and a curated list all the best places to stay that match your budget and style. I will make as many revisions to the trip proposal as necessary and work with you until you are 1000% satisfied with the game plan.

5. Select your personalized options (and we’ll make all the bookings on your behalf)

Once everything has been decided, we'll book your reservations and send you confirmation by email. 

6. Concierge servicing

I will consult you on what to do on vacation and offer concierge services including but not limited to booking airport transfers, day tours and private guides, restaurant and spa reservations, and tickets to sporting events and concerts as well as assisting with special requests.

7. Fall in love with your gorgeously designed itinerary

Once everything is approved and booked, I take all the bookings and design a PDF itinerary for you. Everything is logistically optimized to make the most of your time.

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