GlobalNomad is a creative bucket list travel designer & full-service travel agency.

We expertly design personalized travel adventures and day-to-day itineraries. Every trip is built from scratch with your travel style, interests, needs, and budget in mind – adding perks and special touches wherever possible.


Book A Personalized Travel Adventure

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For travelers who need an expert to plan all ingredients of their vacation to a T.


Thanks to Brit’s experiences in the travel startup world and a few aha moments while exploring abroad – a new line of trip planning products, unlike anything else out there, have been developed. We are proud to offer Instabook, a cheap flight booking service; Made To Order Trip Recipes, an email subscription service; and Bucket List Bargains, a curated feed of the hottest travel deals found online. Some way or another GlobalNomad will get you traveling more seamlessly!

We do the trip planning. You create your own travel destiny!



An exclusive flight booking service that allows you to score the cheapest tickets to your dream destinations.

Made To Order Trip Recipes


Get 100% personalized vacation ideas delivered to your inbox on a regular basis. A travel subscription unlike any other.

Bucket List Bargains


“Once-in-a-lifetime experience at once-in-a-lifetime prices.” Discover our curated feed of the hottest travel deals found online.


You made my trip so easy and so much fun. You will be my first and only choice to plan any trip from here on out. You did an amazing job for us and we can’t thank you enough.

Kaeli H.


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