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What's included

  • 1 flight booking made on your behalf
  • VIP priority booking
  • Daily monitoring of your departure airports + bucket list destinations
  • Real-time booking alerts
  • Change your spending limit and bucket list destinations

Please complete the form and payment to activate your Instabook account!

This is an upfront fee for time spent researching and booking your flights. If we don't find and book any flights for you within 6 months, we'll refund your money (along with any retainer money, if any). 

Book Me Cheap Flights

Score the cheapest tickets to your dream destinations without having to constantly check emails, apps and the internet.

No booking on your end required!



    Why use Instabook?

    This service is designed for travelers who subscribe to popular travel deal websites. In all likelihood, you get TONS of email alerts. YET somehow you always seem to miss out on the crazy cheap deals like Washington DC to Chile for $180 or Dallas to Australia for $157 roundtrip. In short, if you aren't online 24/7 – you need Instabook. 

    Instead of getting alerts, get a CONFIRMED golden ticket to places that you always thought were out of your budget. 

    I live in a small city – is Instabook for me?

    Most deals originate from the top 30 US airports (plus Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver). If you are from a smaller city and you want to use our service, use a popular airport in which you frequently connect

    I am based internationally – I can use Instabook?

    This service for those based in the USA and Canada only. We hope to open it up to those using the top 30 airports in the world listed here in the future (for digital nomad and international based travelers).  Sign up on our mailing list and follow us on social media for updates!

    I just received an awesome deal! Can you book it for me?

    Forward the email/link to ASAP and I will look into it!

    Can you send me the deal you about to book for me?

    Yes! We will discuss preferences during registration. We can send you a text or email. If you just want us to take care of everything and don't want us to chase you down, we'll just book! 

    What should I know about mistake fares?

    Mistake fares are completely RARE and RANDOM. We have no control over published fares or special sales. Always wait until your flights have been confirmed / ticketed before making any other plans or reservations. There is a chance that the airline might not honor it. Check out this blog post detailing the most amazing error fares that we've ever seen.

    You booked me an amazing fare, but I can no longer travel on those dates. What can be done?

    99% of the time it's nonrefundable. We hate it when these things happen. If you tend to have last-minute personal / work obligations (or if you are worried about this at all) inform us during registration. Just remember that reservations are usually made months ahead of time. It's an early bird catches the worm type scenario. That and pure luck! 

    Can you help me plan the rest of my trip? 

    Of course! We are a creative travel designer and full-service travel agency after all. 

    I have an Instabook account. When should I expect to get confirmed flights?

    Within a few months initial sign up. 

    Any other questions?

    Get in touch!

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